A lot of you are probably already fans of Ana Tudor‘s work (like us!). If you follow her on Twitter you might know she uses Professor Mode publicly quite a bit. It’s quite fun to watch her code in real time, figuring out problems and making demos happen.

I definitely recommend popping into those sessions whenever you can. Someday, perhaps, we’ll offer an audio or video component to Professor Mode, but that’s not here yet. So those sessions are silent – it’s watching (and chatting) as the code happens in real time. As a watcher, there are features like “Pause and Play” which allow you to stop the live updates and control the editor yourself (and perhaps fork the work) before you “Catch Up to the Class”.

Ana has also been posting videos to YouTube, which I find extremely compelling to watch. Video isn’t quite the same as watching the code happen in the real editor, but, you get to listen to Ana explain things as she does them, which is wonderful. Perhaps you’ll learn a ton, perhaps you’ll pick up a trick or two, or perhaps you’ll just enjoy it like the world enjoyed Bob Ross, creating happy little programmatic, math-laden loops.

Here’s some!