The CodePen community racked up a high score for this week’s challenge! Here are just a few of our favorite Pac-Man Pens from this week.

Pac-Man is one with the force in “PAC-MAN’S Jedi Mind Trick” by Craig Roblewsky

See the Pen PAC-MAN’S Jedi Mind Trick by Craig Roblewsky (@PointC) on CodePen.

“Pac-Man CSS Pagination” by Paraskevas Ntinakis is a fun take on pagination dots.

See the Pen Pac-Man CSS Pagination by Paraskevas Ntinakis (@perry_nt) on CodePen.

The CreateJS team’s “Pac-Man Cabinet (CSS)” really takes you back to the arcade days!

See the Pen CreateJS: Pac-Man Cabinet (CSS)! by CreateJS (@createjs) on CodePen.

The tables have turned in Aleksander Lenart’s “Revenge of the Dot” — the dot made friends with the ghosts and now it’s out to get Pac-Man!

See the Pen Revenge of the Dot by Aleksander Lenart (@znak) on CodePen.

No, PacMan, don’t eat that! Pac-Man chows down on some trendy “snacks” in “Pac-Man: Millennial Edition” by Adam Kuhn.

See the Pen Pac-Man: Millennial Edition by Adam Kuhn (@cobra_winfrey) on CodePen.

We’ve gathered these and many more from this week’s challenge in our collection #CodePenChallenge – PacMan.

Thanks again to our sponsor, Hello Sign, for bringing this challenge to life!