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The CodePen community went bananas with the Donkey Kong challenge! Here are just a few of our favorite Pens from this week.

Jaymie Rosen put a Warholian twist on the theme with “Donkey Kong Pixel Bananas”

See the Pen Donkey Kong Pixel Bananas #codepenchallenge #cpc-dk by Jaymie Rosen (@jaymierosen) on CodePen.

Put your name on the leaderboard in Aleksandar Popović’s “Donkey Kong Codepen Challenge: Interactive Scoreboard”

See the Pen Donkey Kong Codepen Challenge: Interactive Scoreboard by Aleksandar Popović (@aleksandarp) on CodePen.

Resize the screen to see the different handheld games in “Responsive Donkey Kong Game & Watch” by vuild

See the Pen Responsive Donkey Kong Game & Watch by Vuild (@vuild) on CodePen.

Pull the cord to illuminate classic Donkey Kong posters in Daniel Fontes’ “Donkey Kong – A Small Poster Collection”

See the Pen Donkey Kong – a small poster collection by Daniel Fontes (@dffontes) on CodePen.

Make Donkey Kong reconsider his dreams in “Absurdist Kong” by Adam Kuhn

See the Pen Absurdist Kong by Adam Kuhn (@cobra_winfrey) on CodePen.

We’ve gathered these and many more from this week’s challenge in our collection #CodePenChallenge – Donkey Kong.

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