The CodePen community bounced a lot of good ideas around this week! Check out a couple of our favorites from the Pong challenge.

Pong gets so weird "even the laws of physics don't apply" in Pieter Biesemans' "Pong's getting out of hand"

See the Pen Pong's getting out of hand - codepenchallenge by Pieter Biesemans (@pieter-biesemans) on CodePen.

The object is to hit the paddles in Liamj's "Pong: be the ball!"

See the Pen Pong: be the ball! #codepenchallenge by Liam (@liamj) on CodePen.

Pong gets a colorful reboot in "Rainbow Neon Pong" by vinnywoo

See the Pen CodePen Challenge: Rainbow Neon Pong by vinnywoo (@vinnywoo) on CodePen.

"Major Pong" communicates with ground control in Joe Gaffey's "Space Pong"

See the Pen Space Pong by Joe Gaffey (@joegaffey) on CodePen.

Metal Gear merges with Pong in Peter Wood's "Pong Gear - Tactical Sports Action"

See the Pen Pong Gear - Tactical Sports Action by Peter Wood (@peternatewood) on CodePen.

We've gathered these and many more from this week's challenge in our collection #CodePenChallenge - Pong.

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