The CodePen community really knows whatSUP (get it?) 😉

Here are a couple of our favorites from this week’s HTML Buddies challenge: <sub> and <sup>

Hover over the superscript and subscripts in Jaymie Rosen’s Pen to reveal a stylish tooltip with more information.

See the Pen Learning Science | #CodePenChallenge with Sup and Sub Elements by Jaymie Rosen (@jaymierosen) on CodePen.

Rodrigo Silva de Melo gets all the ducks in a row in this charming Pen

Ducks #CodePenChallenge – <sup&rt; and by Rodrigo Silva de Melo (@rsmelo) on CodePen.

Rémi Tran illustrates how the <sub> and <sup> elements land on the ascender and descender lines in “Anatomy of Typography”

See the Pen Anatomy of Typography by Rémi TRAN (@trinketmage) on CodePen.

Jessica Paoli illustrates the classic Scrabble tile in CSS.

See the Pen scrupble [wip] by Jessica Paoli (@skullface) on CodePen.

Jhey created an interactive cash register — make sure to hit that “tend” button for a satisfying cha-ching!

Interactive cash register w/ Vue & <sup&rt; 💵🤑 #CodePenChallenge by Jhey (@jh3y) on CodePen.

We’ve gathered up these and many more Pens from this week’s challenge in our Sub and Sup Collection.

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