The CodePen community did a tremendous job with this week’s challenge! Seriously. I think we had more entries and more wonderfully different takes on this challenge than we’ve had so far. Maybe because of the starter Pen? Let us know if y’all liked having a base like that.

Here are just a few of our favorite Pens from this week’s blogging challenge prompt: typesetting a blog post.

“Typeset This Post” from Florian Schulz is a botanical beauty!

See the Pen #CodePenChallenge: Typeset This Post by Florian Schulz (@getflourish) on CodePen.

Arianna Lynn drew inspiration from the Tomorrow Night syntax highlighting theme for “Code-Typing a Blog Post”.

See the Pen Code-Typing a Blog Post by Ariana Lynn (@arianalynn) on CodePen.

“Classic Typeset with scroll reveal” by Rémi TRAN shows harmony between simple sans serif fonts and an ornate script.

See the Pen Classic Typeset with scroll reveal by Rémi TRAN (@trinketmage) on CodePen.

Daniel Constance showed off the comic side of type in “Typesetting (hover over the text)”.

See the Pen Typesetting (hover over the text) by Daniel Constance (@DXC) on CodePen.

There are so many more great ones! Can’t resist, here’s a few more picks:

We’ve gathered up these and many more Pens from this week’s challenge in our Typeset This Blog Post Collection. A new challenge prompt is coming today! Sign up to get notified, or check back here on the blog for the next prompt.

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