The CodePen community served up some wonderful Pens for the final week of the June challenge! Let’s see what’s on the menu 🍽

Piotr Galor built an emoji menu with a quirky twist – the “dropdowns” drop… up!

See the Pen 💪 CSS menu feat. emoji by Piotr Galor (@pgalor) on CodePen.

Yago Estévez created a charming sketch menu. Make sure to hover the menu items for an adorable surprise.

See the Pen Sketch Menu for the Codepen Challenge by Yago Estévez (@yagoestevez) on CodePen.

Ariana Lynn draws inspiration from the Tomorrow Night syntax highlighting theme for the menu.

Code <menu/&rt; by Ariana Lynn (@arianalynn) on CodePen.

Ryan Mulligan’s menu transforms into a fullscreen, responsive grid.

See the Pen CSS Grid Menu Panels by Ryan Mulligan (@hexagoncircle) on CodePen.

Isman Fromes takes a playful approach to menu design — there’s a little trick to opening it!

See the Pen Playful Hover Menu | #CodePenChallenge by Isman Fromes (@ismanfromes) on CodePen.

We gathered all of these and more from this week’s challenge in our Menus Challenge Collection.

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