It’s week four of the Halloween #CodePenChallenge! It has been one spooky scary month 👻👺☠️

Last week, the prompt was skeletons. No bones about it, the community knew what to do with that! Check out our Skeletons collection to see the Pens from the challenge.

This Week’s Prompt: Trick-or-Treat 🍬

As the Halloween challenge draws to a close, we’re celebrating the best part of Halloween: trick or treating! This week we want to see your best costumes, your funniest tricks, and your favorite treats. May your sacks of candy be as full as the moon.

October’s Challenge Sponsor:

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Your Challenge

Create a Pen inspired by trick or treating! Let’s throw a costume party in the browser, show off your best front-end tricks, or create a candy-inspired Pen.

How to Participate

Create a Pen and tag it codepenchallenge and the weekly tag cpc-trick-or-treat. We’ll gather all those Pens into a collection and share our favorites on Twitter and Instagram (Use the #CodePenChallenge tag on Twitter and Instagram as well).


  • Get in costume! Go as a vampire, a witch, Frankenstein’s monster, or any other classic halloween ghoul.
  • Show us a trick! People tend to give away treats when you knock on their doors, but tricks are just as fun. Wow us with a little sleight-of-hand like Alvaro Montoro’s CSS magician, or create a visual illusion like one of these.
  • Give us a treat! Immortalize your favorite Halloween snack in the browser, like Kalene’s candy corn. Jason Santa Maria used to art direct wonderful blog articles from guest writers on his blog. Check out Candygrams!
  • Resources

    1. Dan Wilson has a great series of optical illusion tutorials, complete with embedded Pens for you to try out.
    2. Watch Sasha Tran piece together a CSS Frankenstein’s monster on YouTube.
    3. Stumped for a costume? Check out this gallery of old-timey costumes, way scarier than anything you could conjure up today 😱.