Spring cleaning isn’t just for garages. Here at CodePen we’ve spent some time shining up the CodePen Job Board, both visually and under the hood. We think it’s a much nicer place to both look for a job and to find developers to fill job positions at your company.

Our resident designer extraordinaire, Klare Frank, has given the board a fresh coat of paint, expanding on the gradient motif that’s been tiptoeing its way into our look & feel.

The “under the hood” part refers to making it easier to post jobs. If you never have before you won’t notice anything new, but just know that it asks you far less questions along the way, and doesn’t force you into a weird account creation workflow first ;)

Let us brag a little.

Well, brag about you. The CodePen community grows and grows. There are a lot of you! And you write lots of code! We wanted to make that super clear for people looking to post jobs. The reach here is pretty great.

As a reminder, the CodePen Job Board is one and the same with the CSS-Tricks Job Board and the ShopTalk Job Board, so your job postings will reach those communities as well.

A Big May Sale!

For the entire month of May 2019, job postings are $100 off. Instead of the normal $299, they are $199. I’d say that’s the most bang for your buck for any job posting out there related to front-end and full-stack web design and development.

Go Post a Job


Your job will run for 60 days instead of the normal 30 days. You can change it at any time, or yank the post if the role is filled.

Better design, less money, longer-running jobs. Triple win.

If you’re a front-end developer or designer…

Want to find yourself someone great to work with? We’d be thrilled if you encouraged your employer to post new roles on CodePen. If you need some help with that, feel free to email us (business@codepen.io). We’re happy to talk about it and find a way to incentivize it.

💜 ⚒ 💙