Have you seen CodePen Topics? They are pages that focus in on one thing you might be interested in. For example: React. On that page you'll find a bunch of example templates to get started with or reference that are about the core technology of React. But you'll also find links to relevant reading about React and Pens that showcase React in a cool way.

But Topics aren't just libraries. They can be focused around any idea that makes sense. For example, a design pattern like Tabs. That Tabs page is a great place to come if you're looking for all the best examples on CodePen of that design pattern. So a Topic could be a design pattern, a library or framework, or any other focused concept that makes sense to group together.

I'd like to have more topics on CodePen, and all it takes to do that is a little bit of effort in putting them together. We're adding more as we can, but I'd like to open the door to you. The meat and potatoes of what makes a good Topic are:

  1. A Collection of Pens that serve as templates or useful instructional examples.
  2. A Collection of Pens that are well-done examples of the subject.

A Topic ultimately offers a few more things, like it displays the logo and links, helps you search within that topic, and stuff like that, but that's on our side.

Are you up for helping out and building a new Topic? Those two things above are essentially all we need. But of course, there is a bar of quality we need to upload, and that's a subjective thing. So I'm personally going to be the judge and jury for them. I think y'all know what a good job looks like 😉

Here's how it will work. If you're really interested in building a topic...

  1. Email me at chris@codepen.io with an idea for a Topic
  2. I'll either approve it or we'll talk about alternatives/focus
  3. If you do it and do a good job...
  4. I'll send you some fun stuff I've been collecting

Win stuff?

Yeah! I've been collecting things I want to give away for this little project. It's all kinda random tech stuff. CodePen Swag, books I don't need anymore, swag from other tech companies, and things I've bought just for this (they are even a couple of fun rainbow keyboards in there).

Just look at all this stuff.

I've kinda got it sorted into thematic piles, so if you win one by doing a good job with a Topic, I'll let you pick a theme and then send you a pile of stuff (anywhere in the world).

Don't think of this as a contest with prizes. There aren't hard and fast rules other than to do a good job and if you do I'll send you a gift as thanks.

Here's some ideas...

  • Bootstrap
  • Bulma
  • Preact
  • SVG Concepts
  • Web Audio
  • Popmotion
  • Velocity
  • Variable Fonts
  • Pug
  • Haml
  • Emotion
  • Foundation
  • Material Design / Materialize