Our PRO Asset Hosting feature will take just about any file you need to host. Say you upload a CSS file or a JSON file… it stands to reason you should be able to edit that file even after you’ve uploaded it. Well, you absolutely can. Here’s a video showing off our many recent improvements to how it works:

So what’s new about this? We had asset editing before this, but it was much less capable as a feature. For one, you had to do it from the Asset Manager. Now, you can do it there if you like, but…

  • Editing works from the Pen Editor too, which is much more likely to be where you need to be.
  • Your syntax highlighting, font, and every other editor setting you have is available in the editing editor, making it the same comfortable coding experience as CodePen itself.
  • You can edit SVG files as text, including see a preview of the saved changes.