Well, 996 to be exact.

I think it’s fair to say that Font Awesome is the most successful icon project ever, and in addition to their paid offerings, they have an open-source free version. We’ve always offered up SVG icons you can easily copy/paste in our free Assets panel, but up until now, there were only ~20 of them. So, ya know, a 50× increase ain’t bad. Especially since the way we were able to integrate this is way easier than what we were doing before because they publish the icons in a JavaScript format that is easy for us to use in React components.

More icons. Better icons. Easier to maintain.

Here’s how it works:

Despite the name “Font Awesome”, we’re not delivering these icons as a font, we’re offering up inline <svg> you can copy and paste.

If you prefer using icon fonts, you might wanna check out the project We Love Icon Fonts which is like a CDN for hosting icon web fonts.

High five to Mr. Shaw on this one who had the idea and got this implemented for us.