We got a support request from a user who had many thousands of uploaded files using our Asset Hosting feature. They told us many of them were duplicates and totally unused variations and they’d like to clean up. And to be perfectly honest, it was so many assets it was causing some minor bugs with search and actually find the assets they were trying to find.

So to assist in this cleanup, we decided to take a tiny break from our larger projects, and kick out this new feature: Bulk Actions for Assets. There isn’t all that much to understand, so here it is:

  1. You can select multiple assets at a time
  2. When do you…
  3. You can delete all of them, or
  4. You can download all of them.

Here’s me showing off those things:

Hopefully, it’s rather self-explanatory and you find it useful. We’d like to add more bulk actions for you for other things in time, so let us know if you have one in mind particularly.