We ask that you verify your email address when signing up for CodePen (or changing your email address after you've signed up). You can still use CodePen if you haven't verified your email, but certain views and actions will be restricted.

Why do I need to verify my email?

In part, because of spam. We block a lot of spam user registrations with this step. They can still get an account, but nobody will see the things they post, and they can't use CodePen to do anything sketchy. This is just one of many ways we fight spam and bad behavior on CodePen.

It's a common thing to do on web apps for these reasons and hopefully isn't a tremendous burden on users.

Another bonus though is that when you verify your email, you know it's correct and that you'll get all the emails from CodePen you choose to get.

What is restricted if I'm not verified?

  • Full Page View
  • Leaving comments on Posts or Pens
  • Your Pens do not show up under Recent Pens

How do I verify my email?

You'll get an email from us after signing up for CodePen. You just click the link in that email and that's it. If you change your email address in your personal settings, you'll also be asked to verify that.

If you don't get the verification email after a minute or so, chances are it's in your spam folder. You can always resend it as well.

How do I resend my verification email?

If you didn't get the email, you can resend it from the link we show you on your Settings page.

You can also change your email again and send it to a different email address of yours. If you still have trouble, hit us up in support.

States of Verification

Your CodePen account is always in one of these states:

Verified - You're verified if you've been sent a verification email and you've clicked the verification link. You have full access to all the CodePen features your account level has.

Sent - If we've sent the email to you but you've not replied, you're in this state. It's treated the same as the Verified state.

Rejected - If your email address has been flagged as spam or the email address can't be reached (bounced or otherwise rejected), you'll be in this state. You'll have to adjust your email via your Settings page, at which point we'll send you a new verification email.