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We recently were happy to sponsor a PDX Creative Coders meetup put together by John Brown.

John has this cool project called uncontext.:

Uncontext is an art project where any collaborator can access an unending stream of structured—but seemingly random—data. Use this data it to generate art, write poems, control robots, or anything else.

Essentially you open a WebSocket with it and it streams random data at you:

See the Pen uncontext. template by John Brown (@ThisIsJohnBrown) on CodePen.

Which you can pipe in to do control beautiful stuff like this:

See the Pen Spin-a-tron by John Brown (@ThisIsJohnBrown) on CodePen.

John put together a video of the meetup. Coolness:

On November 9th, a group of coders and artists gathered for the release of a new uncontext. data stream. Over 7 hours, they made generative art in the form of music, animations, 3D printing, portraits, and abstract renderings. And the data was even used to control Super Mario Bros.

There is a collection of Pens here.

We’re in the early stages of getting CodePen specific meetups happening, so check those out too!