UPDATE April 2017: Sadly, the swag bags are no longer for sale. The store is still open selling T-Shirts though! The only guaranteed way to get CodePen swag is going to a meetup.

We’ve long sold T-Shirts in the CodePen Store. Now we’ve added a Swag Bag! For $12, you get an assortment of CodePen swag including a mini notebook (with CodePEN!), stickers, and buttons.

On the backend, we moved the store over to WP eCommerce so that we could have our own little world for the store and offer features like a shopping cart, which wasn’t possible before. Plus, before, you had to go check out at the CSS-Tricks store which, let’s face it, was awkward. Now the CSS-Tricks store, and the ShopTalk store, are all their own little instances of WP eCommerce, which feels nice.