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The latest addition to Team CodePen is Mr. Jake Albaugh. We couldn’t be happier to have him on.

Jake is in Chicago and has been at last last couple of CodePen Chicago meetups, including the last one where Tim, Alex and I were also at.

Chris and Jake at the CodePen Meetup in Chicago.

Jake is incredibly creative. You can see that right here in his work on CodePen. His self-coding Pen in a testament to that and worth experiencing in all it’s glory:

See the Pen pen#PwLXXP by Jake Albaugh (@jakealbaugh) on CodePen.

His personal site is also a great example of his out-there thinking and embrace of what the web can be.

Jake has full-stack chops. We’ve hired him loosely around the idea that he can help us on more back-end stuff, but like everyone at CodePen, is multi-talented and I’m sure will be doing whatever is needed to make things happen. He’s already helped us out with some back end tooling, uncovering and squishing of some tricky bugs, and also even knocked out a little “Show Password” feature on the login page that we’ve been wanting to do forever.

Jake joins the ever growing line of new CodePen employees that are ridiculously productive right in their first week. Welcome Jake!