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We were a little behind on the version of TypeScript we were running. There were some newer features that our older version didn’t support and it was tripping up some of y’all. Just a quick note to let you know it’s updated.

Staying Up To Date

We try and stay up to date on all the preprocessors. We even have a fancy little service to let us know about releases. But we do fall behind sometimes. If that happens, we have an official request form for for updates. We also list the currently running version of everything.


We also moved TypeScript processing to Lambda, Amazon’s fancy service where they run your code on their servers and it’s all kinds of fast. We talked about using Lambda on Episode 46 of CodePen Radio if you’re interested in hearing more about how that works.

Also, React!

If you’ve ever seen that HTML-tags-in-JavaScript thing, that’s JSX. TypeScript can do it too, and it’s called TSX. Remo H. Jansen has a great post on it.

Here’s a super simple demo of it all working:

See the Pen TypeScript + React + TSX + Lambda by Chris Coyier (@chriscoyier) on CodePen.