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We recently posted some upcoming events where some CodePen team members will be at.

I thought I’d also mention some events where there will be literally CodePen themed stuff going on!

Starting with one that already happened… earlier this year I went to SNDMakes Chicago and wrote about it, and now there is a cool video about it:

We were a sponsor of that event, which is slightly rare for us, since we don’t really have a budget for that. Personally I can’t wait until CodePen a huge mega successful company and we’re sponsoring things all over the place. Alas, that day has not come. But sometimes our sponsorship can be in the form of coming to the event, helping out, perhaps running a mini event, providing some PRO accounts, etc.

Speaking of which, I’ll be at CSS Dev Conf this October very likely doing some CodePen Show & Tell action like we did at the last one.

And Develop Denver this August, also hosting a CodePen Show & Tell!