Wow, Codevember is off to an amazing start, and we're just 4 days into it!

I gathered up a few of my favorite #codevember Pens from this week, but this is just scratching the surface. Check out the #codevember tag page to see what your Pen Pals are getting up to this month!

Jack Rugile's clever "Particle Flame"

See the Pen #Codevember 01 Particle Flame by Jack Rugile (@jackrugile) on CodePen.

Dan Hannigan's legitimately fun "Random SVG Faces for fun!"

See the Pen #codevember Day 2: Random SVG Faces for fun! by Dan Hannigan (@danhannigan) on CodePen.

Drew Dahlman's mesmerizing "Sonder"

See the Pen codevember #2 - Sonder by Drew Dahlman (@DrewDahlman) on CodePen.

The immensely satisfying "Falling Blocks" by LantareCode

See the Pen Falling Blocks by LantareCode (@LantareCode) on CodePen.

A beautiful Inktober-to-Codevember crossover, "Pili's Inktober" by fm_ph (click through to the Pen for the full experience)

See the Pen #CodeVember 04 - Pili's Inktober by fm_ph (@fm_ph) on CodePen.

If you feel like you missed the boat by not starting on November 1st, don't fret! Jump in any time — we'd love to see what you come up with. Happy codevember!