Last August we released a quick command autocomplete (ctrl + space), and last October, a version of always-on autocomplete! While these were nice new features, there was definitely some room for improvement!

The first little tidbit was that the autocomplete wasn’t 100% fantastic with HTML, it would pop up at odd times, like while you were adding regular text to elements or after you had pasted some text. We’ve changed that, so now autocomplete will only be active within tags. It will also detect when you are trying to close a tag, and autofill for you!

The second problem was how autocomplete recommendations were originally triggered. It would happen on keyup, but alas, that wasn’t ideal for faster typists. We improved this. Now autocomplete not only looks at the key that has been pressed but also at the text/characters before the cursor for more information and context.

CSS knows about all the CSS properties and values:

JavaScript knows about all globals, including ones that you’ve created yourself!

As before, you can enable or disable always-on autocomplete in your Editor Settings at settings, or use the key command to trigger it on demand.

Of course, if you have any other feedback or ideas, please let us know!