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Wahoo! Autocomplete is here! This is something we’ve wanted to add for quite some time and we’re excited to finally make it happen.

Autocomplete saves you keystrokes by helping to automatically fill in things like HTML attributes, CSS properties, and JavaScript functions.

To trigger autocomplete, use the key command ctrl + space

Complete those HTML elements

Autoprefixer still works too of course, but this may be helpful when you can’t quite remember the name of an element. Activating autocomplete without starting a tag allows you to browse the complete list.

Get reminders of CSS properties and values

When you’re working in JS, it identifies your functions and variables to help out too!

As well as all the native JavaScript stuff:

This is our first crack

Of course based on CodeMirror’s support for this feature. If you notice any bugs or have any thoughts how it might work differently, let us know.