We just launched a new feature to help you keep track of important things on CodePen: pinned items!

Now you can click the “pin” at the top of the page on a Pen, Post, or Collection to save the item to your pinned list. Projects aren’t pinnable yet, but that’s coming soon.

The pin turns blue when you pin an item.

Your pinned items list follows you all over CodePen, so you can get back to your pinned items quickly. Click the down arrow next to the pin icon to pop it open.

It’s realtime, too! When you pin something, it’s available on your pins list right away, wherever you’re logged in to CodePen.

You can pin anyone’s items to your pins list

You don’t have to own something to pin it. You can pin other people’s Pens, Posts, or Collections to keep them handy.

No one else can see your pins list

Only you can see your pinned item list. Pinning something doesn’t affect the privacy of the pinned item, either, so you can feel free to pin your private stuff.

If you’re on a team, your list stays with you in both your personal and team context so you can refer back to it anytime. Your pinned items list is not shown to your fellow team members.

Thanks Klare!

A big high-five to Klare, who took the lead on this feature.