We can count the number of user to user problems social problems in all our years of existence, that we know about, on one hand. But that doesn’t absolve us of building community safety tools, especially as we plan on doing more with the social features of CodePen.

The basics of blocking: When you block another user, they can’t see any of your work individually (while logged in as themselves) or interact with you in any way.

There is nuance to all this (for example, you may still see their work mixed in within grids around the). Rather than hash that all out in this blog post, we have docs:

Documentation on Blocking

We spent a good deal of time and planning on this. You can hear Klare and I talk about it on CodePen Radio #235: Blocking.

This is only our first release of Blocking, and we suspect it will evolve over time with your feedback and our own observations of its use.