With all this recent work we did upgrading our Asset Hosting feature, there were some side-benefits around the app as well.

For example, as a PRO member, you can upload replacement screenshots for your Pens if you wish to. The uploader for those is the much nicer Filestack uploader now. Here’s how that works:

Similarly, avatar uploading users the new upload experience. So you can upload whatever ol’ image you have around (to your profile settings), even if it’s gigantic or the wrong size, and you’ll have the opportunity to crop it as you upload it:

We’ll take care of making sure it’s sized properly and being served as snappily as we can!

We even use this stuff internally. For example, when we build the email we send out each week for the CodePen Challenges, we have this slick little uploader to use for ourselves, making our own workflows just all that much smoother.