We are removing the Posts editor from CodePen in December 2020.

If you’re looking for a great place to publish blog posts, there are lots of places you can blog for free, like the developer-focused DEV, WordPress.com, or hey, maybe it’s a good time to play around with a static site generator and self-publish.

Here’s what’s changed now:

  • Readers cannot create new comments on Posts
  • Readers cannot heart Posts
  • We are no longer picking Posts for the homepage picks
  • Posts are removed from Topics

Here’s what will happen in December:

  • The Post editor at codepen.io/write will be removed
  • Post editing will be disabled
  • The Posts section of member profiles will be removed
  • Search for Posts will be removed
  • Only users with published Posts will see UI for it in their own work

But all published Posts will remain published at their original URLs. Nothing is being deleted or taken offline.

  • Private Posts will remain private
  • Public Posts will remain public
  • Post authors can delete published Posts and unpublished drafts
  • Post authors can view and copy the raw Markdown of published Posts and unpublished drafts

Any questions at all, feel free to message us in support.