Just a little note that we’ve upgraded the upgrade experience. The upgrade UI is upgraded. Upgraded the upgrade. Yah. It’s a whole new UI that we hope is faster and more streamlined.

Imagine you’re a free user and the time comes you really need to upload an image to use in a Pen. Upgrading is just a few clicks and a typical credit card (or PayPal) form away, and you can do what you want to do.

Like many projects, this experience that you see is just the top of the iceberg of the whole development project. For us, this involved a data wrangling and cleanup project, API work, design and component library work, third-party integration upgrades, and much more. A real all-team effort. And again like many projects, it’s not over. Now that it’s out and we know it’s successful, we can use what we’ve built here in more areas of the site, ripping out the old and putting in the new, a process that will likely never end here at CodePen Incorporated.