Here’s the clip from the original YouTube where Greg Brockman shows it off. Ultimately GPT-4 produced HTML output, which Greg copy-pasted into CodePen in order to show it off.

What a big release! Shawn Wang notes:

To use simple measures of how anticipated this was – GPT-4 is already the 11th-most upvoted Hacker News story of ALL TIMEthe Developer Livestream got 1.5 million views in 20 hours (currently #5 trending video on all of YouTube) and the announcement tweet got 4x more likes than the same for ChatGPT, itself the biggest story of 2022.

Certainly, this code-for-me angle is clicking with people!

I popped into GPT-4 and asked it:

build an html page where you click a button to go to a random wikipedia page

Which works pretty darn nicely actually:

I don’t know about that Arial choice there, but otherwise, well done.

I was hoping to try the “sketch a drawing” thing first, but apparently, that’s not quite open to us yet.

If you’d like to see more examples of ChatGPT having created good working code, we’ve got a Collection going here.