CodePen offers it now!

Until recently, we only offered GitHub, Twitter, and Facebook social login buttons. Twitter log in totally stopped working on us (are you surprised?) last week. It turns out that was by far the least popular option for logging in anyway, so we just pulled it down and replaced it with Google. A massive amount of you have email addresses (which doesn’t add in people who use Gmail on custom domains), so we knew this would be a popular choice.

There is something important to know about all this!

The way our social login works is that it’s just an email matcher. Whatever email address we get back from that social login request we match with the account email here on CodePen and log you in. You don’t have to remember which social service you used to sign up with or anything like that, you can mix and match and use whatever you want, as long as the email addresses match. So when we pulled down Twitter, nobody was locked out or anything. Especially as everyone has a password here on CodePen too and you can log in that traditional way. (And if you don’t, you can always reset the password to make sure you do.)

One more funky little thing to know: the Log In and Sign Up buttons are literally the same thing. We have different pages for it because it makes for more obvious UX, but the behavior is the same. If you try to Log In and don’t have an account on CodePen with that email, we’ll just make you one quick. If you try to Sign Up but already do have an account on CodePen, we’ll just log you in.