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New thing!

The more Pens you build on CodePen, the harder it can be to go back a specific Pen you are looking for. The normal “Pen Grid” view is helpful in that it shows you what the Pen looks like, but in that view, you can only see a handful of Pens and it takes a moment to render them as you paginate back in time.

To help with this, you can now browse Pens on profile pages in List View!


Now you can paginate through your Pens much quicker (remember you can use the ← and → keys) and also see many more Pens per page.

To see this view, use the view type selection buttons just below the tabs.


Hovering over the buttons lets you know in which order they will be sorted.

Note that the date shown is the date the Pen is created, but the list is in order of most recently updated. So Pens you have touched most recently are at the top. You can hover over the date to reveal the updated date. You can also hover over the title to see the descriptions.

One of our main goals on CodePen is for you to be able to find code you want to find as quickly as possible and this is a step in that direction. Rest assured we have many more plans to make findability better for all.