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Working together is always more productive and more fun RIGHT?! Right. Today we’re announcing PRO Teams, which will help you do exactly that. Sign up for a Team account and you’ll be able to invite members to your team. Your fellow members will all be granted PRO access, but the billing will be consolidated to just you.

Not only that, but you’ll all have access to Team-owned Pens and Team-owned Collections.

Say Alex is on my Team and he creates a Pen. I can edit that same Pen as if I created it myself. This means we can work together building things at different times. Now I create a new Collection to save ideas for a new site we’re working on. Tim, who is also on my Team, can add to it at any time. Sweet, sweet collaboration. (Oh yeah, you all have Collab Mode and all the other PRO features as well).

Here’s exactly what you get as a PRO Team:

  • Combined billing – only the Team Owner is billed.
  • Every member gets PRO access (Collab Mode, Live View, etc.) Change Team members anytime.
  • Shared editing of Pens.
  • Shared editing of Collections.
  • All members have access to Shared Assets.
  • Complimentary access to The Lodge on CSS-Tricks.
  • A Team profile page – users and other Teams can follow you and you can follow back.
  • Keep up to date with what you Team is up to with the Team Recent Activity page.

And more features are coming! There is full documentation on how Team works here.

Oh and one more thing

It’s less expensive than individual PRO accounts, at only $8/member per month ($40/month for 5 members, $80/month for 10 members, etc). Or pay yearly, and make it even less expensive essentially getting 2 months free for every member.

We hope you and your Team make great use of it!