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Happy Monday! Just noting a few small changes to how Forking works on CodePen.

One, we now add a sentence to the description of Forked Pens that link back to the original. Like this:

This is in addition to the “Forkline” that we keep for each Pen, which knows about all the parent and child Forks, available on the Details page:

We think the sentence will help make it even more obvious when a Pen is a Fork and credit the original author better.

Two, we fixed a bug in which altering and saving someone else’s Pen would save a new copy (via keyboard shortcut) to your account without forking it. We think this was the cause of a good amount of “copied” Pens without credit, as it was pretty easy to inadvertently / reflexively save a Pen you were playing with.

There is still always the possibility of people copying/pasting the code in Pens to make copies without Forking, and we do have things we’re working on to help spot those as well.