Heads up! This blog post hasn't been updated in over 2 years. CodePen is an ever changing place, so if this post references features, you're probably better off checking the docs. Get in touch with support if you have further questions.

There has been lots of new stuff since we last revamped the CodePen homepage. Blog posts and Collections weren’t even a thing!

The new homepage features Pens front and center like it always has:

We like how the grid is always 6 Pens now, rather than alternating between 5, 6, 8, and 9 like it did before, which made pagination kind of arbitrary.

Below that, we showcase blog posts on CodePen. This is just a start to us showcasing blog posts more and trying to get the things you write read.

Below that, an area for Collections and Tags. They are related ideas so we figured we would group them together. Collections are groups of Pens created by one person (or Team) but contain anyone’s Pens. Tags are community-organized in that no one person controls a tag, but you can only tag your own Pens.

You’ll also find that both search and recent activity have found their way into the header:

While they both now technically take up less screen space, I think it makes them both actually more prominent because of the header position and the fact they appear on more pages (not just the homepage).

Just another step toward making CodePen more fun and browseable.