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I just spoke at The HighEdWeb Technical Academy this weekend. Big thanks to Dave Olsen for having me!

It was a unique experience for me. I’ve spoken at a good number of web conferences, but rarely at conferences targeted at a specific industry like this. So to get a chance to speak at one for an industry that’s highly related to CodePen was great.

CodePen and education?

Sure. We have some specific features that are targetted very directly at education, like Professor Mode. But it’s more than that. Just the fact that CodePen is a code editor in the browser is pretty useful for the classroom (e.g. no expensive software costs).

Teachers at all levels have used us. From young girl scouts learning to build their first sites, to teen DevCamps, to junior high school events like BETA Camp, to college professors using CodePen to present.

I wrangled up my slides here:

And yet.

CodePen isn’t always perfect for education and the classroom. We didn’t exactly build CodePen with that in mind. But we want to do more in that direction, including possibly even building an education-specific account/plan of some kind. We have a good amount of ideas in that direction, and recently, more resources to make that possible.

We’re always listening.

What can CodePen do to make education better?