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One of the purposes of Full Page View is to share your Pens with the visual preview large-and-in-charge. Perhaps it's a big interactive canvas effect, or a game, or anything at all that benefits from experiencing it with as much room as possible.

We take up a little of that room though. It used to be a little footer bar that we would slide into place. We did that on purpose, to draw attention to it. Not because we're vain, but because...

  1. There needs to be some way to get back to the other views
  2. We want it to be clear that this is something on CodePen, not some other site. You know, in case baddies start using us to make replica bank login forms or something nefarious like that.

Now instead of that footer, we use our standard header (see above). This is a nice change, we think, for a bunch of reasons:

  1. You can see the title and author of the Pen
  2. You can jump to other views, like the editor, quickly via the standard View Switcher
  3. You can heart the Pen or fork a copy for yourself

Everything you could do before, just better.

Don't want the header?

Live View and Debug View don't have any extra UI at all.