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I couldn’t be more pleased to announce that Tim Holman is now on Team CodePen!

Tim is an incredibly talented developer that we’re lucky to have. He’s an Australian, so that made it slightly tricky to hire him – look forward to that on an upcoming podcast. But he currently lives in Manhattan, so look for him at an upcoming CodePen Meetup NYC!

Tim was previously at Tumblr there in New York, and before that Qwiki (RIP) with some other legendary developers like Justin Windle and Hakim El Hattab who you might recognize from their work here on CodePen.

Aside from just being a damn smart person and nice guy, he’s wonderfully creative and fun with code. Just check out some of his Popular Pens.

It’s hard for me to pick favorites, but I’ve always been enamored with Mechanical Grass:

See the Pen Mechanical Grass by Tim Holman (@tholman) on CodePen.

It’s worth checking out Tim’s site for more of his crazy projects like everyone’s favorite Giflinks, the sublime Elevator.js and the oh-so-practical BSOD.js.

You can get know Tim and his sense of fun better by checking out his talk from CSSConfEU just recently:

You can also listen to him on Episode 165 of ShopTalk Show.

It’s already been a pleasure working with Tim. He’s dug in immediately, helping us fix bugs, help customers, and knock out features like our new preview state for Embedded Pens. It’s great to feel us speeding up with development again! Welcome Tim!