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Who says RSS is dead? Not me, that’s who.

Now you can follow some of CodePen’s awesome Collections with your favorite RSS reader! Just look for the RSS icon on the Collection page, or drop the whole Collection URL into your reader of choice.

To kick it off, here are some of my favorites, which are definitely worth following.

Gray Ghost has an awesome Collection of polygon animations!

CodePen’s Marie Mosley has been building this awesome collection of Nintendo-related Pens for the past month. It’s amazing!

Hugo Giraudel’s Collection of CSS tests and tricks is another one that’s good for a memory jog, or to learn something new!

If you want to enter the feed directly (with code, or just in the browser), all you need to do is add /feed to the end of the collection URL, like this: http://codepen.io/collection/GKhpw/feed

At the moment, it will return the last 10 items added to the collection. We’re looking at opening this data up a little more with a more true API at some point, so if you have opinions on that, let us know.