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New thing!

Sit back, relax and enjoy basking in the amazing creative art that the CodePen community creates with CodePen TV.

CodePen TV is a full screen view that randomizes animated, picked Pens. You’ll get a new one every 10 seconds.

It’s also a (real) screensaver!

A gift from us to you.

See the Pen Download the CodePen TV Screensaver for Mac by Chris Coyier (@chriscoyier) on CodePen.

The screensaver was created by Bryan Jones

Perhaps you recognize Bryan Jones from his popular development app for Mac, CodeKit. I use and love CodeKit on many of my local development projects. Bryan and I kinda hatched this plan when we ran into each other in San Diego at a conference after party thing. You never know what’s going from a good ol’ techy get-together!

You can use CodePen TV on any Collection

In fact we have a link to the TV version of the Collection right on Collection pages.

You can change the URL on the screensaver, too

Make sure the URL starts with https:// though, I think OS X requires it.

Don’t have a Mac?

The screensaver is based on a web view of http://codepen.io/tv/. So, anybody could make a screensaver from that URL. Go for it!

Well done, Tim

This is another little feature mostly done by Tim Holman. He previewed it just recently at the December DC meetup:

Well done, Tim!