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OK everybody, it’s Friday, and we’re going back to the 90s. First things first, set your away message.

See the Pen CSS AIM Away Message by isha (@ikasliwal) on CodePen.

Now, pick something to listen to. You have three choices.

Cassette It and Forget It, so you can relive the joy of rewinding a tape:

See the Pen Cassette It and Forget It by Dan Wilson (@danwilson) on CodePen.

Old School, with tracks that’ll make you rarrrwww rarrrwwww like a dungeon dragon 🐉

See the Pen Old School by David McFeders (@davedoes) on CodePen.

Or maybe something a little stronger — like Buff Jambox:

See the Pen Buff Jambox by Jonny McLaughlin (@jonnymclaughlin) on CodePen.

Finally, pick out your gaming system.

Grab a Gameboy Color in your favorite color:

See the Pen Gameboy Color by David McFeders (@davedoes) on CodePen.

or an SNES Controller (I’m player one, just so we’re clear):

See the Pen SNES Controller by Alex Standiford (@tstandiford) on CodePen.

You’re all set! Wear your Hypercolor shirt and meet me at the mall 😎