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Early this week, we crossed the Seven Million mark for unique Pens created on CodePen!

With that big number in mind, we thought it would be fun to share the top 3 Pens by views on CodePen.

Pens with over 1 million views get a little bit of flair on their details page, ’cause they deserve it!

rainbow numbers for the CodePen Million+

The Big Three

#1 is dissimulate’s venerable “Terable Cloth”, with over 3 million views

See the Pen Tearable Cloth by dissimulate (@dissimulate) on CodePen.

#2 is Akimitsu Hamamuro’s “Gravity Points”, with over 2 million views

See the Pen Gravity Points by Akimitsu Hamamuro (@akm2) on CodePen.

#3 is Gerard Ferrandez’s engrossing “I could not stop”, with over 1.5 million views

See the Pen I could not stop by Gerard Ferrandez (@ge1doot) on CodePen.

Up and Coming

As of this writing, there are two great Pens that are right on the edge of hitting 1 million. It won’t be long before these two get the rainbow treatment 🌈

Fabrice Weinberg’s “QLOCKTWO in HTML5, CSS and Javascript”

See the Pen Creating the QLOCKTWO in HTML5, CSS and Javascript by Fabrice Weinberg (@FWeinb) on CodePen.

Jack Rugile’s “Canvas Orbital Trails”

See the Pen Canvas Orbital Trails by Jack Rugile (@jackrugile) on CodePen.