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Last Thursday we hosted a Show & Tell meetup at SOCO in Columbia, SC as part of ConvergeSE. We had a great turnout and saw some fantastic demos!

Bryan Braun kicked things off with his Conways Game of Life.

Tanner Hodges showed us a very appetizing restaurant website he made with the help of ZorroSVG for SVG masking/filtering (CodePen demo here)

Wray Bowling played us the “2001: A Space Odyssey” theme with his Synced Oscilloscope

Chris Vazquez from aweber showed off his Email Sentiment Widget Builder, an email element to help you measure how readers feel about your email (check out the detailed tutorial inside the Pen!)

See the Pen Email Sentiment Widget Builder by Chris Vasquez (@cvasquez) on CodePen.

Some guy called Chris Coyier demonstrated Airtable with some live coding and a more polished Pen he made during SNDmakes.

See the Pen Flock (SNDmakes Project by Team Bart) by Chris Coyier (@chriscoyier) on CodePen.

Then, he showed off our newest embed features, for the first time ever — maybe you noticed them in this post! Many more details to follow, soon 🎉

David DeSandro, fresh from giving a fantastic talk about UI physics at the conference, showed off some web audio tricks.

See the Pen Web audio synth w/ visualizer by David DeSandro (@desandro) on CodePen.

Our very own Rachel Smith gave a talk about debugging web animation at ConvergeSE. At the meetup, she showed us how much fun you can have with forks and David DeSandro’s hair. You can see a clip of Rachel’s presentation in David’s video tweet — yowza!

Eric Runyon, who also spoke at ConvergeSE in the Frontend development track, gave us a demo of what you can do with the service worker API.

Philip Zastrow gave us a little taste of the future of element queries with his great collection of polyfills.

Many thanks to everyone who came out!