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Hey, it’s Friday, and you’ve done good work this week! Want to play? The CodePen community’s got you!

Move the cub to the star in David DeSandro’s wildly addictive puzzle game, Cub n Pup

See the Pen Cub n Pup – puzzle game demo by David DeSandro (@desandro) on CodePen.

Test your font knowledge in Joe Harry’s “Typofile”, a font-guessing game

See the Pen Typophile by Joe Harry (@woodwork) on CodePen.

Put your home ec skills to work with Alessandro Falchi “Canvas Crosshatch”

See the Pen Canvas Crosshatch (WIP) by Alessandro Falchi (@afalchi82) on CodePen.

Save the world in Marc López’ “Planet defense game”

See the Pen Planet defense game by Marc López (@Loopez10) on CodePen.

Flex your reflexes with Christian Coan’s “Reaction – A Responsive JQuery Game”

See the Pen Reaction – A Responsive JQuery Game by Christian Coan (@christiancoan) on CodePen.

Solve an age-old puzzle Elior Shalev Tabeka’s “Towers of Hanoi Game in JS and CSS”

See the Pen Towers of Hanoi Game in JS and CSS by Elior Shalev Tabeka (@eliorshalev) on CodePen.

Once you’ve played your way through those, there’s even more fun to be had in Chris Coyier’s collection G-G-Games!