While you're taking a break from Pokemon Go (or erm...waiting to get on) have some fun with these Pokemon-inspired Pens!

"CSS Isometric Pokemon" by Ash

See the Pen CSS Isometric Pokemon by Ash (@littleginger) on CodePen.

Riley Shaw's "Gotta catch 'em all!"

See the Pen Gotta catch 'em all! by Riley Shaw (@rileyjshaw) on CodePen.

Thomas Vaeth's "Pokemon React"

See the Pen Pokemon React by Thomas Vaeth (@thomasvaeth) on CodePen.

"Pikachu" by Utku

See the Pen Pikachu by Utku (@TeorikDeli) on CodePen.

Mikey Murphy's "Charmander"

See the Pen Charmander by Mikey Murphy (@mikeycodes) on CodePen.

Alejandro Osorio's "Jigglypuff CSS"

See the Pen Jigglypuff CSS by Alejandro Osorio (@alecsdose) on CodePen.

I caught these all, (plus some more Pokemon favorites) in my Pokemon collection, and I'll be keeping an eye out for more! 💫