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I love a good spiral Pen, and the CodePen community’s come up with some great ones over the past few weeks! Here are a handful of my recent favorites.

Matei Copot’s “Binary spiral”

See the Pen Binary spiral by Matei Copot (@towc) on CodePen.

Ragnar Þór Valgeirsson’s “Spiral”

See the Pen Spiral by Ragnar Þór Valgeirsson (@rthor) on CodePen.

Robin Delaporte’s “CSS Loader”

See the Pen CSS Loader by Robin Delaporte (@robin-dela) on CodePen.

Raymond G McCord’s “Sacred Spiral”

See the Pen sacredSpiral by Raymond G McCord (@slow_izzm) on CodePen.

Garet McKinley’s “The Void”

See the Pen The Void by Garet McKinley (@garet) on CodePen.

I’ve gathered these and many more psychedelic spirals into my collection Spirals. Hit the TV icon to open it up in CodePen TV mode!

Got a favorite spiral Pen? Link it up in the comments!