The CodePen community has the Olympic spirit, and we're going for front-end gold! Check out some of my favorite Pens from the 2016 Olympic season so far.

Steve Gardner's "Olympic Rings"

See the Pen Olympic Rings by Steve Gardner (@steveg3003) on CodePen.

"Binary Olympic Rings" by Adam

See the Pen Binary Olympic Rings by Adam (@Codering) on CodePen.

Farishta Haider's "Olympic Trivia Game"

See the Pen Olympic Trivia Game by Farishta Haider (@lafrish) on CodePen.

Ryan Decker's "Olympic Flag CSS"

See the Pen Olympic Flag CSS by Ryan Decker (@ryantdecker) on CodePen.

I've gathered these Pens and some winners from years past in my collection "The Olympics", and I'll be keeping my eye out for more from now 'til the closing ceremony! Show me your favorites 🏅