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CodePen now has access to the amazing ZingChart JavaScript charting library! Our friends at ZingChart have made it possible to include ZingChart in any Pen. They’ve also given us a license that unlocks the full power of ZingChart for any Pen. Check out these awesome Pens built with their library!

“The Bay Area – divided by zip code” by ZingChart

See the Pen The Bay Area – divided by zip code by ZingChart (@zingchart) on CodePen.

“Awesome Chart” by Quezo

See the Pen Awesome Chart by Alex Vazquez (@quezo) on CodePen.

We’ve just started to explore the awesomeness of this library. You can add ZingChart to your Pen from the Quick-add JavaScript dropdown.

Add ZingChart to your Pen

Add ZingChart to Pen

ZingChart supports responsive charts, has an incredible JavaScript API with tons of demos on CodePen and supports every kind of chart you can imagine.

You can use ZingChart PRO in any Pen by adding the license key below before you use ZingChart in your Pen’s JavaScript code.

ZC.LICENSE = ['7b185ca19b4be2cba68fdcd369c663a9'];

They’ve even built a demo of Pokemon Go using ZingChart!

See the Pen Pokemon Go – ZingTouch x Anime.js by ZingChart (@zingchart) on CodePen.