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Sometimes you just can’t remember what exactly an external asset is. Or is that just me? Either way, there is now a little icon you can press to jump right to that asset to check it out.

Here’s a GIF showing the new icon and how it works:

Animated GIF showing the “view” icon in the External Assests are of CSS and JavaScript settings. Clicking the icon opens the asset in a new tab.

Remember that External Assets are pretty dang smart! They can be:

  1. Links to resources on CDNs
  2. Links to resources hosted anywhere else.
  3. Links to other Pens, which will autodetect the type (e.g. if you put a Pen URL in the CSS External Assets, it will assume you want the CSS from that Pen)
  4. If you link to an External Asset with a matching file extension as the currently active prepreprocessor (e.g. You have SCSS activated, and are linking to a *.scss file) it will try to combine the files before preprocessing, so external assets can be used as true dependencies.