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The cover of the Joy Division album “Unknown Pleasures” is an icon of early new wave. The rippling lines somehow feel both orderly and chaotic (like the music behind the cover). The image makes a great jumping off point for a Pen, and the CodePen community came up with mesmerizing variations on the theme.

Here are a few of my favorites!

Mark Adam Benzan’s “Interactive Joy Division”

See the Pen Interactive Joy Division by Mark Adam Benzan (@clawtros) on CodePen.

Jesse Wells’ “Unknown Pleasures – SVG Line Animation”

See the Pen Unknown Pleasures – SVG Line Animation by Jesse Wells (@jessenwells) on CodePen.

Riley Shaw’s “Joy Division Unknown Pleasures”

See the Pen Joy Division: Unknown Pleasures by Riley Shaw (@rileyjshaw) on CodePen.

“Squiggly lines” by Gabi

See the Pen Squiggly lines by Gabi (@enxaneta) on CodePen.

There’s a hidden meaning behind all those squiggly lines — the original image is a radio telescope’s graph of pulses from the first pulsar discovered by humans. If you’re up for a long-read, there’s a great article about the image’s origin by Adam Cap.

I’ve gathered these and more in my Unknown Pleasures collection, and I’m always keeping an eye out for more!