Folks, we have a winner in our CSS Dev Conf fork challenge.

Congratulations Gabrielle Wee!!! 🙌

See the Pen CSS-Only CSS Dev Conf Animation by Gabrielle Wee (@gabriellewee) on CodePen.

Gabrielle made wonderful use of Sass in this animated adventure. First, The CSS Dev Conference logo is drawn out with a lovely simple stroke animation. Then it takes a surprising twist as the sign it is painted on scales into a tiny hanging lamppost sign as iconic street scenes of New Orleans whiz by. It really captures the spirit of New Orleans, CSS, and the conference itself.


It was so hard for us to pick a winner from the submissions we received because the creativity and skill expressed by all of the contestants was just astounding. Here are just a few of the other fantastic Pens we enjoyed in this challenge.

Nat Cooper also captured the spirit of the city nicely with her painterly rendition of a street scene, also featuring a lovely lamp post sign. She went above and beyond designing neon bar signs of some of the talks! Make sure to click them to zoom in and check them out.

See the Pen CSS Dev Conf – Contest Submission by Nat Cooper (@natacoops) on CodePen.

Christina Gorton also captured the spirit of the city with a two-story classic Bourbon Street scene, featuring a New Orleans quote and swinging, hanging fern baskets.

See the Pen Looping over Louisiana CSS Dev Conf. by Christina Gorton (@cgorton) on CodePen.

Adam Kuhn featured some super vibrant colors and a cool reflected cityscape. There are lots of fun details here, like the moving icon background, the loping clouds, and the turbulent waters.

See the Pen CSS Dev Conf Logo by Adam Kuhn (@cobra_winfrey) on CodePen.

Beau cranked up the tunes in this one and animated the construction of some extremely detailed classic New Orleans buildings:

See the Pen CSS Dev Conf Logo (chrome full-page view) by Beau_dev (@beau_dev) on CodePen.

We have all of the public Pens submitted for the challenge in this collection. There’s some beautiful work in there, be sure to show them some love!

For All of the Contestants

It was so, so hard for us to pick a winner. If we could, we would have liked to pick everyone who put so much time into this! Alas, we cannot. But, we would like to extend an offer to everyone who participated!

If you’re able to make it to CSS Dev Conf anyway, let’s all get together and have a fancy dinner 🍽 in New Orleans! CodePen’s treat. We’ll reach out by email to everyone who entered make sure you know the details.