JavaScript is gettin’ better, gang. There’s incredibly useful stuff like async and await keywords that we’ll all find mighty handy. If you want to play with them on CodePen, you can! You can just put that code in the JavaScript editor and it will run just like anything else.

A lot of us are used to preprocessing JavaScript through Babel to take advantages of new fancy features without sacrificing browser compatibility. That’s great! We have Babel as a JavaScript preprocessor option here on CodePen. But look what happens when we try to use it with async and await:

That ain’t good. Babel can be configured with different plugins, and a plugin is what is required to make this work. But we actually don’t let you configure Babel (at the time of this writing) here on CodePen, so you can’t add any plugins to the Babel processing itself.

Good news though, Babel plugins can be added right in the browser. Just link up the Babel Polyfill and you’ll be good to go!